Oliver Lovley Fine Art


My paintings are my world. They are nature according to my senses. I experience nature in many layers. In painting I want to capture these layers. I want no limits on the potential painting. I want to give it multiple meanings.

 The drawing is the observation under the painting. I make no plan for a picture except for my initial pencil drawing based strictly on reference. I place myself at the edge of creation and work inwards.

The painting never becomes what I expect because my reality constantly changes.

The painting will decide what it wants to be. I trust in this and I believe in this. I have an infinite choice of marks to make when representing my natural world. I must work with my changing perception rather than against it. I must be flexible and change tack as I glide cautiously on each new stretch.

 When I can think myself into the best frame of mind then I become a visual reality translator. I become supervisor and influencer of paint. I find a face within a face, within the roots of trees and within bricks of stone. All sound in this state of being is a standing mass. Taste is least in my thoughts. Smell is used as a memory. Touch and vision are most accute.

 It was suggested to me years ago that we dream in browns and blues. These colours seem appropriate. When mixed, the colours of fertile composted matter. Light reflected back to the eye off varying materials and textures shows me nature's contrasts. I must speak in the language that nature speaks. The language of marks, of flowing light, of wordless sound, of dulled taste and of colourless smell.

 I determine to be an honest recorder of my natural world and an honest influencer of paint.